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Grief Counseling

Grief and loss are complex and challenging to come to terms with, as each person experiences them differently. You have a deep spectrum of emotions and physical responses, which is normal.

Yet, working through the complicated emotions of pain is complex, and when left unresolved, it turns into feelings of anger, hopelessness, and depression. A powerful way to work towards healing is with grief counseling in Reno.


The Five Stages of Grief

With grief and loss, you experience five stages:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance
  • Stress

These are the emotions that most people go through during the grief and loss process. Yet, there is no right or wrong way to grief. But grief counseling can help you work through all those stages while facing daily emotions.

"I lost my Roger a while ago. I have not stopped grieving, but now I can deal better with it. One thing that grief counseling has taughttaught me is that nothing will bring him back."

- Michelle Knox (West Reno)

The Steps to Heal 

At Marriage Counseling of Reno, our counselors work with you on four essential steps to heal:

  • You learn to accept the reality of the loss, whether it is work, a friend, death, and more.
  • You work through your pain to despair to find relief and heal.
  • You learn to find ways to adjust to your loss to move on with your life.
  • You learn to maintain connections with a loved one as you move on with your life.
Recovering from Grief Reno NV 89509

The Overlapping Symptoms of Grief

At times, other ways like anxiety, aggression, trouble sleeping, and eating disorders go hand in hand with grief. As a result, the term therapists use is "complicated grief," affecting more than 15% of people who have lost a loved one.

Another essential part of the healing process is to learn different ways to care for yourself after loss. Unfortunately, our therapists have seen many people neglect themselves while grieving.

Marriage Counseling of Reno works with you to help identify unhealthy patterns and teach you coping skills to address your pain and fulfill your mind and body healthily.

When it comes to children, they react differently than adults in grief, and they, too, can benefit from grief and loss counseling in Reno. We work with kids to help them process the trauma to heal.

Our counselors will recognize what is considered normal or unhealthy behaviors or if a severe concern needs addressing.

Grief counseling and therapy for loss in Reno are essential to healing. Marriage Counseling of Reno has trained therapists to help you and your family work through the painful emotions of the grieving process.

Recovering from Grief Reno NV 89509
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