Premarital Counseling Reno

Premarital Counseling

You are engaged and getting married. Congratulations! But have you considered premarital counseling in Reno?

No, then Marriage Counseling of Reno is where you should start. Premarital counseling gives you the best advice and guidance to build long-lasting relationships before marriage.

Why? As you have found, love and marriage can be satisfying. But sadly, many couples regret living together or getting married because they lack a foundation of communication to understand each other.

But you can live a happy marriage, as premarital counseling in Reno can help.

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How Marriage Counseling of Reno Can Help

With premarital counseling, couples can learn to understand themselves. As a result, couples will learn how to attain the love they need and want. Furthermore, couples will work through challenging times to advance to a more supportive and loving relationship before marriage.

"When we got engaged, our parents insisted we go for premarital counseling. So we made an appointment with Marriage Counseling of Reno. We had a few sessions where we discussed many things and learned a new things about each other. We cannot wait for our wedding to take place."

- Teddy and Bella (Reno)

What Are The Premarital Counseling Challenges

When you work with Marriage Counseling of Reno before your wedding, there are three phases that you will work through as a couple. The first is to understand yourself, the second is to understand your partner, and the last is to understand your role in the marriage.

How Premarital Counselling Prepares Couples

When working with a premarital counselor in Reno, couples will discuss their relationship vision to explore what they expect from the marriage. At the same time, couples will learn communication structure and do practical exercises to communicate effectively in their relationship.

Premarital Counseling Benefits Reno NV 89509

Each partner will also share what they expect and the roles of each other in the marriage. There will be a discussion on romancing, and couples will learn how to handle conflict when it arises.

Couples learn healthy boundaries to intimacy and affection and discuss the love language. The therapist helps show couples what helpful communication is compared to hurtful one.

During premarital counseling, many discussions occur on parenting, finances, family, and so much more.

Contact Marriage Counseling of Reno for premarital counseling whether you got engaged, are planning to move in together, or getting married.

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