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Stress Management

Stress is part of our daily lives, but understanding it is the first step to managing stress.

While anxiety and worry are interchangeably used in terms of stress, they differ.

Here at Marriage Counseling of Reno, we provide mind and body counseling to manage your stress.

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Stress Affects Your Health Reno NV 89509

What is Stress?

When you stress, your mind reacts to it mentally and physically, and it can be because of the following:

  • Moving away from home
  • Writing a final exam
  • The lack of money
  • Paying Bills
  • Meeting deadlines at work

After completing the action, your stress passes, and your mood returns to normal. You can even have pressure from positive events like getting married or winning an award. These are temporary stressors.

Hence, it is essential to recognize when stress is bad. On the other hand, good stress is known as eustress as it keeps you motivated about life. The reason is that it enhances your performance, like studying for exams or competing in sports events.

"A year ago, I got retrenched at work, and trying to pay bills became my worst nightmare. I had to look for new work, which added more stress to my life. I could not sleep and decided to go for stress management counseling. It has helped me a lot as it enabled me to have an open mind and the good news is I was lucky to find a new job."

- Michael Rourke (Reno)

What is Worry 

Worrying is a form of thinking as you have apprehensive expectations. It can be constructive, leading to positive results. But it can also become toxic, leaving you feeling paralyzed. Excessive worry can be non-productive, or it can be repetitive. You may think about a problem the whole time as running on a treadmill going nowhere.

The Difference Between Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety can happen when you continue stressing as your brain screams out fear or shows feelings of doom. Anxiety is a chronic disorder, as you worry the whole time. It can be worrying about the harm that can be done to your family or being unsuccessful in life.

It can be the fear of the future, and some people worry about the littlest things that are not worth worrying about. When the worry does not go away, it leads to chronic stress and becomes an anxiety disorder.


Stress Management Reno NV 89509

The Common Response to Stress:

When you stress, it affects each person differently:

  • For example, you can have feelings of anger, moodiness, being overwhelmed, irritability, guilt, and more.
  • Your thoughts keep racing, and you have self-criticism, poor concentration, inability to make decisions, or forgetfulness.
  • Your behavior can be impulsive, irritable with others, using a substance, excessively smoking, avoiding people, crying, and more.
  • Common symptoms are tension, stomach distress, tiredness, a loss of appetite, and not sleeping.

We Can Help You Manage Your Stress

Marriage Counseling of Reno can help you to manage your stress. When you partake in stress management counseling, it is a personal journey. What works for one person might not work for another.

With our Reno, NV counselors, you will get a personalized treatment plan to allow your body and mind to relax depending on your stress level. In addition, stress management therapists will provide you with stress management coping skills to help improve your life.

Contact our stress management in Reno therapists today to discuss your stress and help you with a treatment plan to live a healthier life. While your life will never be without worry or anxiety, you will be equipped to handle any stress that comes your way.

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