Infidelity Counseling Reno

Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity can put a lot of strain on relationships. The betrayed can feel confused, devastated, to jealous with anger. Thus a relationship can end, and sometimes it can be repaired with infidelity counseling in Reno.

Sometimes relationship counseling can make couples come out stronger than before. Still, an affair can happen for many reasons, and we are here to help you and the betrayer work through the relationship.

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship Reno NV 89509

Why Infidelity Happens 

An affair, as mentioned, can happen for different reasons as follow:

  • The person has an opportunity to do so
  • There is dissatisfaction in a relationship
  • The betrayer has a lack of self-esteem
  • It can be an exit strategy out of a relationship
  • Sex Addiction

"I met a lovely woman at work and our relationship got stronger leading to a sexual affair. But both of us was married and it only happened once. I finally broke down as I felt guilty and admitted it to my wife. She could not look or be in my company at first. I then went for infidelity therapy and later she joined in. We are now working to rebuild our marriage."

- Desmond Lewis (Reno)

Different Infidelity Forms

With infidelity, you get various forms of affairs:

  •  An object affair is when there is neglect in a relationship, and the betrayer pursues outside interests.
  • Your sexual affair is when sex takes place outside a relationship, but it has no emotional ties.
  • Then you have a cyber affair where an online relationship occurs but never results in a physical meeting.
  • Lastly, you have an emotional affair which can result in huge problems as all marriage relationship problems are discussed, but it never leads to sex.

But you can also find a secondary relationship where emotional and physical intimacy occurs.


Infidelity Counseling Reno NV 89509

Couples Therapy For Infidelity Can Help 

Couples can recover from being betrayed when seeking help from an infidelity counselor.

Couples can discuss their emotions relating to infidelity as a therapist is a supportive listener. During the sessions, couples can decide whether to rebuild their trust or move on with separate lives.

Marriage Counseling of Reno's therapists helps both partners to come to terms with what happened. As a result, partners will discover the weaknesses the strengths of each other in their relationship.

With infidelity counseling, couples can benefit as both partners go through different emotions that a therapist can help with. However, if a couple decides to give their relationship another go, it can be lengthy.

Together couples will work with the counselor through the trauma phase to get clarification and address the problems that led to the affair. Couples will learn to communicate and test their conflict tolerance at the same time.

Every stage of affair counseling helps couples reach a final agreement as the therapist acts as a boundary to break down arguments.

Contact Marriage Counseling for infidelity counseling in Reno today. We are available to help.

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